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Environmental Policy

Blau Hotels

Blau Hotels, as a company working in the business of running tourist resorts, considers that a healthy and clean environment is the basis for our services.
We feel directly involved in the effort of harmonizing our own economic development and that of our community with the protection of the environment and the preservation of a healthy and thriving environment for future generations.

Our commitment
And therefore, we commit ourselves to implement environmental improvements in all our activities, particularly those having an impact on: environment care, efficiency in the use of resources and energy, product control, replacement and recycling.

We consider that a proper environmental management should include the comprehensive control of all the aspects which may cause environmental impact, in our case, especially those having an effect on the quality of water, ground and air, on the protection of the near natural environment and on the preservation of natural resources.

And therefore, the General Management of Blau Hotels commits itself to:

► Directly involve itself in environmental management.
► Ensure the compliance with all legal requirements regarding environment which affect our activity.
► Periodically review and update the policy and targets of our environmental system.
► Review the environmental practices of our suppliers promoting the adoption of environmental criteria, particularly regarding the purchase of environmentally friendly products and materials.
► Implement the necessary measures in order to prevent or reduce environmental impact on the atmosphere, water and ground.
► Protect the natural and landscape values of our environment.
► Make our staff aware of the assumed responsibility regarding the environment, by providing them with the necessary training.
► Inform our customers about our environmental policy.

In order to implement the principles set up in this policy, action, objectives and target plans, involving continuous improvement, are developed. The assessment of the effectiveness of those plans will be supported by performing periodical environment auditing and inspections by the Management.